Study Series,Workshops

and Study Groups


Primary Somatic Study Series

6 Week series

beginning October 7th

Wednesdays 4:30-6pm

the art, science and philosophy of movement 

This 6 week series will be a basic and comprehensive experience of somatic movement education from the perspective of Thomas Hanna.  

  • Learn a gentle, primary somatic movement series to change tension and pain into freedom and ease 

  • Feel, sense and experience the plasticity of the brain and the infinite capacity we have for change.

  • Recognize unconscious habits that interfere with movement efficiency and function

  • Gain a new perspective on how you live, move and feel in your life

  • videos to support change and your practice


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Weekend Workshops


Move into Calm

Saturday, October 10th


Gentle, easy somatic movement has a powerful and lasting effect on our overactive nervous system.  We can have an experience of feeling whole, as a living system with our intuitive or body sense awake and our overactive mind quiet and calm. This workshop is ideal for you if...

  • you struggle to relieve stress and tension

  •  find it difficult to notice the early stress signals or pain signals

  • have a hard time with meditation


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Walking and Standing in Power, Not Pain

Saturday October 17th


Once we learn to walk and run toward the things we desire in life, we can play, be creative and have fun until this function is interrupted or restriction by pain. We'll learn to restore the function of standing, walking and running the somatic way. Making these basic human movements freer, more powerful and fun. Experience a new easeful relationship to gravity. .


Payment to paypal (below) or venmo @Gena-Rho is your registration


Somatic Study Groups 

Tuesdays or Thursdays

90 minutes sessions will run for 6 weeks

Please submit interest to Gena

Somatic explorers with experience and an interest in deepening their personal and/or teaching knowledge. The prerequisite for this group is having participated in a somatic series, Essential Somatics fundamental immersion course or teacher in training.  This is primarily a movement practice, but will include discussion into the many layers and depths of this somatic work and how our lives have been informed and transformed. This will include guest teachers and the option for private somatic work. Times will be set to accommodate those interested. Please reach out with questions and interest,


Clinical Somatic Educator

Somatic Yoga



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