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About Gena Rho

I have spent much of my life in motion; dancing, yoga and various somatic explorations throughout my education and dance career. After earning an MFA in dance from NYU TISCH school of the Arts, I performed and taught internationally as a member of the Trisha Brown Company.  I moved from the product oriented world of graduate school to working with Trisha. It was while working with Trisha that I had a true experience, my first real experience of what it meant to work and be in “process”…ALWAYS, refining, growing, changing and adapting. Trisha's approach to dance making was scientific, exploratory and playful. She surrounded herself with movement investigators, her dancers all with a thirst for their own moving explorations. Many of us on different somatic paths to embody our dancing, share with Trisha, one another, the audience and our students.


My path to yoga came as I transitioned from performing to teaching and becoming a mother. It began purely as a desire to stay in my body, as I had in my dancing life. A different process began to unfold. A gift of deeper awareness, a new perspective and more learning. My 18 year yoga journey started at Intergral Yoga, followed by practicing Ashtanga and studying with Raji Thron in NJ. Raji's depth, vast knowledge, generosity and excellent teacher training where a great foundation. My desire for more learning led me to a variety of teachers; Viniyoga with Gary Krafstow, Doug Keller and Jonas Westring.


I went on to study Thai Yoga Bodywork with Jonas Westring. This work and Jonas' teaching helped to illuminate the subtle energy body of my yoga practice. I have advanced certification in Thai Yoga Bodywork, assisted Jonas in his foundation courses over the last 10 years. I spent 3 weeks in Thailand completing 2 modules of yoga study with Jonas in 2011.


In May 2017, I completed my 3 year Clinical Training with Martha Peterson of Essential Somatics. The evolution and change has been more than I could have imagined during this time. From opening The Somatic Loft with Martha Peterson and Carrie Day in 2014, to taking over Martha's Maplewood NJ practice, assisting in Essential Somatic training's and working as the only Clinical Somatic Educator in the greater NY/NJ area. 

The shape of my work and practice continues to evolve and grow in fascinating ways. Lori Dalvi, Shamanic Practitioner and energy healer, joined me in the summer of 2016. We have since shared our office and work with each other and clients to further awaken the body and spirit. We are working on collaborations and workshops such as Somatic Illuminations, which brings both of our work into one shared experience.




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