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"As I hang out on the floor today and work to release the pain I feel, I am just so grateful to have a solution, somatics and you as my teacher. Your patience reinforces my desire to learn...I pray that I never lose this wonder of healing"

— Kim

Somatic Movement Education

Somatic movement education in the tradition of Thomas Hanna, teaches your brain to regain control of muscles it has lost due to pain, injury, trauma, or accumulated stress.  Restoring muscle function with gentle, easeful movements that allow you to reset muscle length, release out of pain, move freely and toward full function.

Accumulated stress and injury can cause muscles to contract unconsciously or involuntarily. Somatic movement education teaches your brain to release unconsciously contracted muscles so you can use them fully with consciousness control.


Clinical Somatic Sessions

A clinical or private session is a lesson in learning to restore muscle function, improve freedom of movement and eliminate your specific pattern of muscle pain.

You are guided, hands-on, through gentle, easy movements. These movement explorations help you become more aware, sensing and feeling where you hold tension and then how to gently ease out of discomfort or pain. You will begin to feel the possibility of freedom in all the movement you do, no matter your age.

Most of the learning you need to teach your brain a new pattern of movement will happen in 5-6 clinical sessions. Continued self care is critical and the support of weekly classes is highly recommended.


Schedule a Clinical Somatic Session with Gena:

(646) 734-9708          



Yoga is considered a somatic practice, but in our western culture, it is often practiced with an emphasis on effort with little ease. Yoga from the perspective of Emerge Somatics offers a deep and fully embodied understanding of the subtle balance between effort and ease. We build on each pose from our body as experience from within. Cultivating a personal unique somatic awareness.

You will learn how to move functionally, safely and with a new sense of freedom and awareness in your yoga practice. Emerge Somatics Yoga classes and workshops offer the next level of somatic learning, literally moving up into gravity with a new sense of ease.






Previous Retreats

Mexico 2022

Here are some highlights from the Essential Somatics Retreat at Mar de Jade in Chacala, Mexico. It was a special gathering in a very special place.

Integrating Body and Soul 2021

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