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Finding my way

The words I use to guide a somatic movement class or a private somatic session come from my own personal practice, my inner voice, my own experience of my body from within. I need to talk to myself. I need the same reminders you do to listen, notice, sense and feel how I am going from one place to another. I am no different from you, a living system in this complicated time that needs to come back to the center and refocus. I fall back into old habits. I get tense, tight, hold stress, fear and worry in my whole being. It's maddening sometimes to be human, yet wonderful to be aware and feel. There was a time when I pushed most of what I felt away. Now, I appreciate being able to sit with the discomfort as much as the joy.

Knowing that there is always more to discover is another gift of my personal somatic and meditation practice. More learning to be done, more listening and more time and space for both. This is a process and practice that continues to evolve for me in these uncertain times. When there are more questions than answers, more pause is required! More time to listen and learn.

The pause allows me time to listen. Listen to myself, notice what I feel and move into and through the world from a new perspective. One with more space and freedom. If I can change the way I feel in my body, my whole system responds. The ease and space I can create is living through me, integrated in both action and thought. That becomes the lens I look through as I move out into the world. I start to see the possibility for the change that is needed in all of us to heal, learn, listen and grow toward something greater than what was before.

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