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Yoga is somatic!

Yoga is a somatic modality, as such, it is a powerful practice in facilitating change and awakening. In his book, The Heart of Yoga, T.K.V. Desikachar distills the definition of yoga this way

There are many definitions and they all have one thing in common: the idea that something changes. This change must bring us to a point where we have never been before. That is to say, that which is impossible becomes possible; that which is unattainable becomes attainable; that which is invisible can be seen.

I love this definition and perspective! It resonates with my somatic perspective of yoga. The practice of Yoga has been such an important step along my somatic journey. Like many other somatic modalities that supported me through a dance career, it facilitated change up to a point, until it contributed to creating inefficacy and even pain. Just like any movement, sport or practice, I got stuck in repetitive patterns in my yoga practice, and didn’t realize I was pushing too hard and into pain, often unaware and unconsciously.

Clinical Somatic Education has allowed me to make honest changes in my Yoga practice. It gave me a new perspective, one that integrates all aspects of myself as a living system, one that changes, evolves and can adapt. I was able to go deep into the recesses of my involuntary, unconscious patterns and habits with my somatic practice and make impactful changes. Today that informs everything I do, including Yoga. This new perspective is awareness. Awareness of what no longer serves me and what interferes with my Yoga, my life. What no longer serves me, I can change. I have a choice, embodied and informed by a somatic understanding of who I am, present to each moment.

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