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June 2021

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Somatic Movement Class

 9:30-10:30am EDT


Essential Somatics Teachers in Training

You have the option of attending Intro Series



9:30-10:45am EDT

4:30-5:45 EDT

Contact; gena@emergesomatics.com


Somatic Movement Class

Artful Flow Yoga

Somatic Meditation 

eClinical Somati Sessions

Clinical Somatic Sessions

I am continuing to offer private

clinical somatic session both in my Maplewood office and online via zoom.






697 Valley Street #2B

Maplewood, NJ 07040

"Thank you for an absolutely transformative experience...I cannot
tell you how grateful I am for your gentle, grounded presence and teaching. I feel like a light has been thrown on inside me--like my spirit
and my body are at last holding hands".


Somatic movement classes are based on the work of Thomas Hanna. Learning to feel the tension your body holds unconsciuosly takes practice and thoughtful guidance in a safe space. Once you begin to sense and feel your body from a new perspective, one of full awareness, consciously, you are on the way to teaching your brain a new pattern of movement. This is how you learn to release your specific pattern of habituation and pain, at the level of the brain. Somatics helps to bring our unconscious patterns of tightness and holding to our conscious awareness, then we can make lasting changes.