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June Happenings
Somatic Movement Class

Mondays 9:30-10:30am

 Move into your week with ease and freedom! 


Function and Flow

This is a somatic-informed yoga practice. We’ll move energy as we re-establish the brain’s connection and control of muscle function. Learn how to bring consciousness, along with compassion to your yoga practice and life.


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FRIDAYS 9:30am at Shakti Yoga

"Thank you for an absolutely transformative experience...I cannot
tell you how grateful I am for your gentle, grounded presence and teaching. I feel like a light has been thrown on inside me--like my spirit
and my body are at last holding hands".



Somatic movement classes are based on the work of Thomas Hanna. Learning to feel the tension your body holds unconsciuosly takes practice and thoughtful guidance in a safe space. Once you begin to sense and feel your body from a new perspective, one of full awareness, consciously, you are on the way to teaching your brain a new pattern of movement. This is how you learn to release your specific pattern of habituation and pain, at the level of the brain. Somatics helps to bring our unconscious patterns of tightness and holding to our conscious awareness, then we can make lasting changes.

New York City

Walking in Power, Not pain

with Gena Rho

Saturday, June 8th, 11-1

Balance Arts Center

151 West 30th Street

Saturday Guest Series


May 11th, 9:30am


Kristin Jackson

somatics on different surfaces


June 15th, 9:30am


Betty Dupont

free your sacrum

Weekly Somatics  Classes

On Zoom 


9:30-10:30am EDT

5:30-6:30pm EDT

Somatic movement explorations invite inquiry and challenge outdated ideas and beliefs that may no longer serve a purpose or inhibit function.  Awareness is infinite, it is the mind that confines us.


Join me to gain a new perspective and learn a powerful method for improving function and eliminating chronic pain. These classes are for anyone interested in learning the basics or those with an interest in reviewing. We will address the most common issues from general stiffness or mobility to chronic back, shoulders,  or neck pain.

Essential Somatics Fundamentals 


November 9 and 10, 2024

New Jersey

with Gena Rho

 Come learn to feel more comfortable, present, and in control, in your body and your life no matter your age or your history.

In this comprehensive introduction to Clinical Somatic Education and Somatic Movement, you will engage in an interactive weekend of learning and discovery. We will dive into the HOW and WHY of muscle pain and tension and you will leave with a “toolbox” of Somatic Movements and skills to use for the rest of your life that will maintain optimum movement, overall health, and physical independence, and freedom of movement.


This course is a prerequisite for the Essential Somatics Teacher Training.

The next training course begins Spring  2025!

Monthly Series


Empowering the Divine Feminine

Gena Rho and Lori Dalvi

May 6-8, 2022

 Dharmakaya Center for Wellbeing

Cragsmoor, NY

Spend this weekend in community reclaiming the divine feminine within. Through somatic movement and shamanic energy healing, we will explore, reclaim and heal our sacred feminine selves during this special women’s gathering. We’ll explore the presence and importance of the divine feminine in our lives.

 Gena and Lori have been collaborating and integrating their work over the last 5 years.

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